Ensuring millions of people have access to knowledge;


We are the conduits for ensuring millions of people have access to knowledge; which broadens horizons and increases opportunities for building a better life.

We have painstakingly published quality books for over four decades having recognized the correlation between reading, knowledge acquisition, personal empowerment, and economic and societal development. We are Spectrum Books Limited!

What We do

At the fulcrum of our thought process is the desire to transform lives. We are also mindful of the fact that ‘Education’ has become dynamic, so also have ways of earning a living – occupation.

At Spectrum Books we try to fuse products (material) and services (teaching methods, student platforms) to ensure the ultimate result is a person that is best equipped to be successful.

Asides the fact that our educational books are NERDC curriculum compliance, we treat the topics in a fresh and creative manner that ensures the students is easily able to extract knowledge. Our other book types are also written to make sure the reader has a pleasurable reading experience

Going beyond conventional teaching, our teacher trainings highlight the methods of teaching that enables the students experience what is being thought.